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Tegler Benefits Group offers an array of services and will work with your team to structure and implement the appropriate benefit solution for your group.

Benefits and Consulting Services

TBG recognizes that our clients need to focus their time and energy on their core business. We consult with our clients to identify individual employee needs in order to customize an employee benefit package. We provide advice and support to guide our clients through all aspects of the employee benefit program. We furnish our clients with the knowledge they need to implement the best solution for their business.

Group Medical

TBG will work with your staff to simplify the planning, marketing, and execution of your corporate health insurance needs. Our personalized approach to design and implementation is structured to reduce cost and mitigate risk to allow your organization to focus on your core business model. We set a high priority on education for your employees and assist in navigating what is a complex healthcare environment.

Ancillary Products

Over the years, TBG has established solid relationships with numerous insurance carriers which enables us to offer you proprietary products and coverage options that enhance your overall benefits package. These ancillary benefits options include Life, AD&D, Disability, Vision, Prescription, Dental, and Voluntary Insurance benefits.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary plans can help fill the gaps in your corporate benefit offerings. The convenience of having quality offerings in these areas will be of high value to your employees and invaluable to your company. Voluntary benefits are offered by the employer through the workplace where employees can choose to buy them in addition to the core employee benefits they may get as part of a benefits package.


The TBG Services team recognizes that our clients need to focus their time and energy on their core business. Our goal is to enable you to do exactly that by providing your company with the right direction, resources, and tools.

Healthcare Plan Management

Our team of benefit consultants provide detailed analysis and deploy innovative solutions to reduce healthcare costs for employees, without sacrificing quality of care.

Our Healthcare Cost Management solutions bring a partner approach to client benefit programs by focusing on reducing costs and the frequency of care, reviewing alternative funding arrangements, analyzing gaps in care, including risk stratification, and improving overall quality.

Cafeteria Plan Management

Cafeteria Plans are a key component to a cost-effective, comprehensive employee benefit package. TBG administers various types of Cafeteria Plans, including Flexible Benefit Plans, Health Reimbursement Accounts, Premium Only Plans, Parking and Transportation Plans, and COBRA administration.

TBG Advocacy

Navigating the complexities of healthcare today by human resource managers and employee participants has proven to be much more difficult in the ever-changing healthcare industry. This is why TBG provides each client with a dedicated account manager to handle the day-to-day administration of the plan and a healthcare advocate to assist your employees in resolving those complex medical issues.

Population Health Management & Data Analytics

The majority of claims analytics systems are transactional in nature, they add up numbers and rank things well. However, these systems do nothing to suggest key findings and solutions for consideration in easy to understand language. Our medical claims/pharmacy analytics system is a robust system for exploring data and has population reporting that takes the “foot work” off of the end user. It will also provide the narrative around the data and highlights key findings, actionable insights, and most importantly strategic direction and solutions revealed from the end users archival and current data.

HRIS Management System

The TBG platform eliminates the inefficiency and complexity of paper-based systems by allowing employers and employees to manage ALL benefits online. Companies use the platform to eliminate paper-based enrollment at Open Enrollment and throughout the year.

Pharmacy Benefit Consulting

Pharmacy expenditures are one of the largest and fastest growing cost drivers for employers, signifying nearly 20% of total plan costs. Given the industry’s lack of transparency, pharmacy claims represent one of the biggest opportunities for improving the financial performance of most employee benefit plans, yet very few employers have performed the detailed analysis and taken the appropriate actions around the pharmacy program to ensure plan sponsors have control of their program. TBG will work to provide performance analysis and pricing strategies.

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