Our Technology

The Tegler Benefits Group platform eliminates the inefficiency and complexity of paper-based systems by allowing employers to manage ALL benefits online. Companies use the Platform to eliminate paper-based enrollment at Open Enrollment and throughout the year.

TBG Benefits Management Portal

The Platform’s self-service online enrollment system allows employees to enroll at their own pace. If employees have questions during the process, they can immediately access informative videos, documents and contact our benefits call center. If they are interrupted and need to take a break, they can save their work and finish enrollment later.

There are numerous ways the Platform helps users manage and simplify benefit enrollment. The Platform uses employee categories (such as location, division, classification and so on) to configure benefits, users, plan rates and enrollment rules. For example, part-time employees may not be eligible for medical benefits while full-time employees can enroll in medical, dental and life benefits. By using categories, the Platform can provide an unlimited number of benefit packages for each employer.

In addition, the Platform helps HR administrators save time with user-friendly management tools, such as:

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