While it is estimated that healthcare costs will double within five years, the demand for additional health plan coverage options will also increase. Many companies find it difficult to match the needs of all employees through one health plan. Fortunately, voluntary benefit plans offer an ideal solution for employers wishing to expand their employees' healthcare options without adding more expense to the organization.

In addition to our core product offerings such as medical insurance, ancillary plans and executive benefits, Tegler Benefits Group consults with our clients to identify individual employee needs and to determine if those needs can be met with a customized voluntary benefit offering. Understanding is key to offering an effective voluntary benefits program for your employees. Your dedicated TBG team will use a number of tools to survey and analyze the needs of your employees that may not be met by existing plans. We will then select a suite of products that fill the gaps and devise an implementation plan. Our voluntary benefit solution products will be drawn from reputable providers that have efficient enrollment and administration platforms. We will make sure that the implementation plan includes the resources necessary to educate your employees, answer their ongoing questions and handle the administrative details.

Voluntary Plans can help fill the gaps in your corporate benefit offerings with insurance products covering:

The convenience of having quality offerings in these areas will be of high value to your employees and invaluable to your company.